DCLX 2020: All the Cats Stay In

Dearest Quarantined Cats,

We are so broken hearted that we couldn’t host you in DC this past April, but we’d still love for you to have something to remember this time by once we’ve overcome it. Our special edition “DCLX 2020: All the Cats Stay In” t-shirts have been sent out!

An image of the front and back of a light blue t-shirt. On the front, there's a cat draped over our DCLX logo. On the back, four cats nap alongside their instruments. At the top, text reads "all the cats stay in."
DCLX 2020: All the Cats Stay In Shirt Design

Check the size charts (below) before ordering! Women’s shirts have been known to run small; double check your size.

Women’s style and size chart
Men’s style and size chart
Hoodie style and size chart

Style and brand are subject to change.