Xtravaganza Workshops and DCLX T-Shirts!

DCLX will be hosting two days of workshops with Grace Durant and Jamin Jackson! David and Chelsea Lee will also be teaching workshops as well. So come out, work on your dance and then unleash all your new skills on the dance floor at Glen Echo!

And, guess what! You loved ’em, we sold out of ’em, you wanted more. Well, we’re ordering more. Place your “Swing Voter” DCLX t-shirt order here! You can pick them up at this Xtravaganza — either at the lessons or the Saturday dance.

Register and get your shirt here! http://www.dclx.org/exchange/dclxtravaganza/

Pricing Structure:
A la carte (each individual class) $18
Saturday (full day of classes only) $60
Sunday (full day of classes only) $30
Full Weekend of classes $70
Weekend and Saturday dance $85


Class Schedule:

10:30am – 11:45am
Int/Adv: David & Chelsea @ Spanish Ballroom
Beg/Int: Jamin & Grace @ Big Classroom

12:00pm – 1:15pm
Int/Adv: David & Chelsea @ Spanish Ballroom
Beg/Int: Jamin & Grace @ Big Classroom

1:15pm-2:15pm Lunch Break!

2:30pm – 3:45pm
Int/Adv: Jamin & Grace@ Spanish Ballroom
Beg/Int: David & Chelsea @ Annex

4:00pm – 5:15pm
Int/Adv: Jamin & Grace @ Spanish Ballroom
Beg/Int: David & Chelsea @ Annex

5:30pm-9pm Dinner break!

Spanish Ballroom Gordon Webster and Friends

12:00 – 1:15
Int/Adv: Jamin & Grace @ Bumper Car Pavilion
Beg/Int: David & Chelsea @ Spanish Ballroom

1:30 – 2:45
Int/Adv: David & Chelsea @ Bumper Car Pavilion
Beg/Int: Jamin & Grace @ Big Classroom

A Spicy DCLX Raffle

You know how our upcoming DCLX’tra with Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles is part of their album debut tour for their newest album, High Fidelity? (If you didn’t, now you know!) Well you could be one of the first to get your hands on it, and even better, you could get it for FREE! That’s right, for free. We’ll be raffling off a copy of this fabulous album at our DCLX’tra on Saturday 7/18 during the second band break, so keep on reading to see how you can increase your chances of being the one who takes home the prize that night.

How can I get raffle tickets?

You will get 1 raffle ticket if you…

  • Share our Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles DCLX’tra event on Facebook
  • Re-Tweet one of DCLX’s Tweets about the Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles DCLX’tra
  • Make your own Tweet about how stoked you are to dance to Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles at the upcoming DCLX’tra that includes #dclindyexchange
  • Share a photo on Instagram that shows your DCLX pride or your excitement for the upcoming DCLXtra with Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles and tag DCLX
  • Be a student and present your valid student ID at the door of the DCLXtra on 7/18

You will get 5 raffle tickets if you…

  • Create your own post with a picture on Facebook or share a picture on Instagram with your creative (AND appropriate) rendition of the “Spicy Pickles” – Here’s an example to get your creative juices flowing:
Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles are ready to party it up at our next DCLXtra on July 18th… Are you?
Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles are ready to party it up at our next DCLXtra on July 18th… Are you?


  • All posts/pictures shared as participation in the raffle must be appropriate for all audiences. Inappropriate posts/pictures will be deleted and will disqualify the creator from participating in this and all future DCLX raffles.
  • Posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram must be made by 5pm on Saturday 7/18/15. All posts bookmarked after this time will not be counted towards a ticket(s) in the raffle.
  • Social media posts must link to DCLX’s page/event/account in order to be eligible for a raffle ticket (i.e. tagging DCLX or sharing the DCLX’tra event on Facebook, using the #dclx on Twitter, and tagging DCLX on Instagram). Posts made only on personal accounts will not be eligible for a raffle ticket(s).
  • There is no limit to the number of raffle tickets each participant can accumulate for a given DCLX raffle. However, each participant’s posts/shares/tags must be unique in order to be eligible for a raffle ticket (i.e. participants cannot copy a previous post or Tweet in an attempt to accumulate multiple raffle tickets).
  • The owner of the winning raffle ticket must be present at the time that the raffle ticket is drawn in order to claim the raffle prize. If the owner of the winning ticket is not present, then we will continue to draw raffle tickets until the owner of the drawn ticket is present to claim the prize.
    • The drawing for this raffle will occur during the second band break at our DCLX’tra on 7/18/15 at Glen Echo Park’s Spanish Ballroom.

Questions? Contact us at info@dclx.org or message us on Facebook!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm, or a Discounted DCLX Weekend

Get your typing fingers ready for the opening of DCLX registration because there are only so many discounted worms to go around!

Be one of the first 25 people to register through our website OR one of the first 25 to register in person at our DCLX’tra with Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles and you’ll get the whole weekend for only $75, saving you $10 off the regular weekend price.

DCLX registration opens at 7pm sharp on Saturday 12/13/14. Don’t be late!