DCLX’travaganza: Workshops with Lainey & Falty, Dance with Falty & the Defects

The Washington DC Lindy Exchange (DCLX) is proud to be hosting a workshop featuring Michael Faltesek and Lainey Silver, followed by a swing dance with Falty & the Defects!

Class and level descriptions, as well as registration, can be found at: http://www.dclx.org/exchange/dclxtravaganza-2016/

The day will be spent in Glen Echo’s lovely Spanish Ballroom. We will have two 2-hour workshops during the day for those of you who are looking to hone your dance skills and pick up some new tricks of the trade. The two-hour, intensive workshops will be geared to intermediate and intermediate/ advanced dancers.

The night will be danced away with live music and tons of fun. Come prepared to have a good time, and bring some friends!

11 AM- 1 PM: Intermediate Workshop

1-2:15 PM: Lunch & Practice Time

2:30-4:30 PM: Intermediate/ Advanced Workshop

8-9 PM: Free Beginner Lesson

9 PM- Midnight: Live music with Falty and the Defects

UPDATE: Late Night A La Carte Tickets

If you’ll be attending DCLX15 a la carte and plan on attending the Late Night dances, then listen up!

Due to the maximum capacity allowed at our Friday and Saturday Late Night venue, we will only be able to let 50 non-full weekend pass holders at a time into each of these dances. Yeah, we don’t like this either, but we’ve gotta keep everyone safe.

To make sure as many people as possible can enjoy the Late Nights, we’ll let the first 50 a la carte attendees in at the beginning of the dance and then allow more people in as dancers head home for the night. So don’t worry if you don’t make it in right away! You just might have to wait a bit to get your spot on the floor to dance until the cows come home (a.k.a. 5AM)

BUT WAIT, there’s more! Of the 50 tickets we’ll be selling up front for each dance, we’ll have 25 up for grabs during the Main dance just before at Glen Echo Park on Friday and Saturday, leaving 25 tickets left to be sold at the Late Night venue each night. So if you want to be on the dance floor right at 1AM when the bands start up again, then make sure you get yourself to the Friday and Saturday Main dances on time or even a little early to purchase both your entry to the Main dance at Glen Echo Park AND the Late Night dance that night!